Saturday, July 7, 2007

MOKOSOI-Canaga odorata
This is one of the most beautifully scented flower, popular to many in the Pacific. It is common to see this flower used in garlands (salusalu or lei) , flower behind the ear (tekiteki) and even used as fragrance for body oil. In Fiji, there is even a popular song & meke called,"Ko i au na Se ni Mokosoi," a song that proudly sing out the beauty and the many uses of this scented flower.
Well, we have been talking about the flower, what about the tree?
The mokosoi tree is a medium to large-sized tree found throughout the Pacific. In Fiji, the pressed bark liquid is prepared as treatment and sometimes the leaves are used as well. In New guinea, the sap and juice are inhaled to treat asthma and the leaves are rubbed to the body to treat skin irritation. Venereal disease like gonorrhea, high blood pressure, back pains, dizziness and serious headache can also be treated from the mokosoi tree. In some other islands, it can promote fertility in women, soothes those toothaches, even migraine, controls diarrhea, soothes severe boils and control asthma. This tree is amazing!
Next time you pick the mokosoi flower to put on your salusalu, just think about the properties this tree has to help our people in the olden days!

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