Saturday, July 7, 2007

WA BOSUCU (Mikania micrantha) -Mile-a-minute This plant is commonly known as mile-a-minute and is a creeping plant. Many of us who grew up in Fiji will remember when someone hurt themselves and bleed, the first instinct is to grab some mile-a-minute. This The juice of the leaves is used to treat wounds and stop continuous bleeding.
Any other ailments the mile-a-minute can heal?
Yes of course. For treatment of bee’s stings, the leaves are crushed and applied to the swollen area. The leaves are also heated over the fire and prepared as a poultice to treat boils in the armpit (known as beka). The juice from the leaves can also help control high blood pressure. The vapor of cooked leaves can aid removal of fish barbs. In New Guinea, the stem is squeezed, mixed with fresh gingerroot, baked in a bamboo stem and eaten with green vegetable (Agepa) to provide relief for colds, headaches or stomach ache.

In summary, wabosucu is useful for treating wounds , stop bleeding, bee’s stings, and boils in the armpit (beka), assist in the removal of fish barb, colds, headache, colds,high blood pressure and stomach ache. Wabosucu is more than just a creeping plant. It is a true medicinal plant!


Fijituwawa News said...

Vinaka vakalevu na kena biu cake na Wainimate Vaka-Viti. Keep it up!

solomone said...

viinaka naita ..yaga vakalevu na wai vakaviti

shells said...

thnx so mch it heelped in ma task thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ateca dimaiwea said...

i didnt know that it also assists in the removal of high blood pressure. I shall try it !!