Saturday, July 7, 2007

VESI (Intsia bijuga)

Vesi is one of the most popular trees in Fiji. IN other words, it is famous. WHY? This is the tree that is the source of all the wonderful carvings of Fiji, some of which which we all know, the tanoa or kava bowls. This hardwood tree grows up to 40 to 50 feet high and has great spreading branches. It was formerly a sacred tree of Fiji.

On the island of Kabara, vesi trees grow in adundance. These are the source of these carvings that has made Kabara wellknown around the world.


Pressed liquid of the stem is given to treat an asthma attacK. Also, pressed fluid of the inner bark is used in a remedy for pain in the bones as well as treatment of colds and flu. The bark may be steamed and used in healing bones fractures. Headaches are treated with the pressed liquid of the root and bark is used for poisoning of small child. In summary, asthma attack, cold and flu, healing bone fractures, headaches and child poisoning are some of the ailments that vesi can be used to cure..

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