Wednesday, July 4, 2007

VASILI (Cordyline terminalis)

Vasili has so many other names depending on which part of Fiji you come from. Some places, it is called Kototodamu, Vasilidamu, Vasili ni Tonga, Lolokulu, or Qai.This tall thin-stemmed broad-leafed plant is common in the Fiji Islands and is widely distributed in Polynesia. In Fiji, it has so many uses. The young leaf buds are used to treat pains in the lower chest, especially when the pains affect the breathing. A thick solution of new plant shoots is taken as a remedy for filariasis – a tropical disease caused by parasitic worms spread by mosquitoes. A pressed liquid of the stem is taken to relieve sickness after childbirth, and to expulsion of the afterbirth. The plant root is employed as a remedy for baldness. In New Guinea the leaves and stem are heated and placed on fresh cuts. The paint is also utilized in healing would and stomach bleeding. For diarrhea, the juice of the leaves and mixed with water and drunk.

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